Music on Volcanic Lakes

Music “ON VOLCANIC LAKES” 5 composers for 5 Continents  promotes the original  “contemporary” music through the production of music specially composed by 5 composers from the 5 continents, dedicated to the region of Lazio (specifically to the volcanic lakes). The World premiere, with the creation of a concert tour, in sites of particular historical and architectural prestige near the volcanic lakes: Nemi, Albano, Bracciano, Bolsena, Vico.The project – in spite of its complexity – comes in the form self-managed, a collaboration of five cultural and musical associations traditionally active in the area who share the organizational aspect is that – by his musicians – the aspect of artistic production. Music on Volcanic Lakes is under the patronage and cooperation of municipalities of Genzano di Roma, Castel Gandolfo, Anguillara Sabazia Montefiascone Caprarola.

All the events are recorded in audio and video with the making of a documentary film. The project relies on the artistic direction of M° Massimiliano Chiappinelli for the music, and Giulio Bottini, film maker, for the video part. Poems by Maria Lanciotti. Photos by Marco Martini.  MoVL’s  logo by Carlo Dojmi di Delupis.



Territory The Lazio region near the 5 volcanic lakes of Lazio: Nemi, Albano, Bracciano, Bolsena, Vico. Read More 
Cultural Sediments

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