Khaled Shokry

Khaled Shokry (Egypt – Africa)


Composer graduated from Cairo conservatory 1986-1987, Composing & conducting Department. He studied under Gamal Abdel-Rahim. Post-graduate study under Awatef Abdul Karim and Ahmed Alsaidi.
Worked in the field of teaching, starting from 1992, now he is a teacher assistant. He was known as a player for keyboard instruments until recently. He composed works for chamber music and orchestra, many other transcriptions for chamber music and orchestra.
Recently he entered the field of movie soundtracks. Some sound tracks are I love cinema, Double faces, Wahed Sefr. Short films are Sabah Elfol directed by Sheriff El Bendary, Hada Ilak by Gehan Elasar and Rubble road directed by Alia Elbialy, experimental films, including the “Leone d’Oro per le Nazioni” at the Venice Biennale in 1995.