The Original Project

5 composers for 5 continents


With this, we intend to introduce the summary of the project: Music “ON VOLCANIC LAKES” 5 composers for 5 Continents wishing to move within the original music “contemporary.” The objectives are manifold: to enhance – even internationally – of the territory from the point of view of environmental and cultural history and the regional cultural realities.
All this will be done through the production of music – specially composed – by composers of international concern, dedicated to the region of Lazio (specifically the 5 volcanic lakes) and the subsequent creation of the first events to be held in prestigious venues in the world, in some of the municipalities located each near of one the 5 volcanic lakes of Lazio: Nemi, Albano, Bracciano, Bolsena, Vico.

The project, briefly, provides:

1. the identification of 5 composers of origin and / or training from different geographical areas, in practice, a composer will be selected for each continent and then Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Oceania;
2. assignment, each identified as a composer of “duty” to compose a piece inspired by a legend of the one lake, with the parameters: duration maximum of 12 minutes for an solo or for a music group that goes indicated;
3. The discovery in the area, near one of the lakes mentioned, other cultural associations / music, as well as ours, with the function of local artistic and organizational partners, and these associations will take care of both the logistics aspect of the production (first world performance) of one of music composed;
4. the involvement of local authorities, in particular 5 municipalities located in the vicinity of these lakes;
5. identifying, within these municipalities, the appropriate site of prestige for the construction of public events;
6. the creation of 5 public concerts, in places previously identified, with the world premiere of works commissioned from composers;
7. Audio and video recording of all the concerts, also in function of a possible airing, in addition to special events related there to;
8. The making of a film documentary lasting about 50-60 minutes on the entire event.

In detail the following municipalities were affected:

Comune di Genzano di Roma (Roma)
Comune di Castel Gandolfo (Roma)
Comune di Anguillara Sabazia (Roma)
Comune di Montefiascone (Viterbo)
Comune di Caprarola (Viterbo)

The partner organizations involved in the project are:

- Associazione Culturale Colle Ionci (Association leader), who will organize the event in general and in Genzano Palazzo Sforza Cesarini (Sala delle Armi);
- Associazione Musicale Culturale Amici del Parnaso, which will take care of the event in Castel Gandolfo in the Church S. Maria dell’Assunta;
- Associazione Scuola Orchestra, which will cure the event in Anguillara Sabazia in the Chiesa di S. Francesco;
- Associazione Lirico-Sinfonica “Giuseppe Verdi”, which will cure the event in Montefiascone in the Rocca dei Papi (Sala Innocenzo III);
- Ludus Tonalis Accademia, which will cure the event in the Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola (Sala di Ercole).

Composers who have declared their willingness to participate in the project and will present nearly all the event are:

Giuseppe Lupis (USA- AMERICA),

David Osbon (UK-EUROPA), 

Kye Ryung Park (South Korea -ASIA),

Michael Williams (New Zealand-OCEANIA), 

Khaled Shokry (Egypt – AFRICA),

and also

David Griffiths (New Zealand)

that will compose a special Hymn for the event.

The project relies on the artistic direction of M° Massimiliano Chiappinelli for the music, and Giulio Bottini, filmmaker, for the video part.

There will also be identified media partners locally and nationally.
The event, despite its complexity, is completely self-financed – also with regard to the hospitality in Italy to the composers.
The municipalities that also have all confirmed the membership, have been formally granted the availability of site for the concert.
The dates and locations of the 5 public concerts that were already planned and scheduled to run:

Saturday, 18/02/2012  Anguillara Sabazia (RM): Chiesa di S. Francesco

Sunday, 19/02/2012 Castel Gandolfo (RM): Chiesa S. Maria dell’Assunta

Sunday, 26/02/2012 Montefiascone (VT): Sala Innocenzo III, Rocca dei Papi

Saturday 03/03/2012  Genzano di Roma (RM): Sala delle Armi, Palazzo Sforza Cesarini

Sunday 04/03/2012  Caprarola (VT): Sala di Ercole, Palazzo Farnese

The aim, therefore, that the event aims are manifold:

- stimulate the production of original cultural (music and video) and linked to the territory (5 compositions inspired by the lakes of Lazio);
- enhancing the area, in terms of environmental, historical and artistic, the Lazio Region, and this is also reflected in the international arena for the interests of composers have accordingly;
- contribute to the knowledge and integration between nations (international equity);
- the creation of public events (concerts);
- the development of musical resources, technical and artistic regional (in this case musicians and performers of the territory), through the creation of a network interassociated virtuous;
- the documentation and the potential future use of the documentary film;